Our Brands

Leeuwin Coast

Delicious and sustainably grown shellfish from pristine Western Australian waters.

Oyster Harbour, WA

Leeuwin Coast grows delicious and sustainably grown shellfish on our aquaculture farms in Albany, Western Australia.​

Our team of passionate people bring their knowledge and expertise to grow Albany Rock Oysters and Akoya in this incredible landscape, which has long been a hub for shellfish aquaculture in Western Australia.

​​Leeuwin Coast is focused on delivering best practice in sustainable shellfish aquaculture. Maintaining this focus on a commercial scale protects the marine environments we operate in, while also producing the best quality seafood.

Albany Rock Oysters

Albany Rock Oysters thrive in the cool, nutrient-rich waters of Oyster Harbour on the south coast of Western Australia.

The unique estuarine environment of Oyster Harbour gives Albany Rock Oysters a rich flavour profile that is completely unique to Albany.​​

Tasting of a gentle sea spray brine, with grassy undertones, Albany Rock Oysters are bright and balanced with a hint of watermelon rind and cucumber making them the perfect summer oyster.

Our Akoya

Akoya are grown in the Southern Ocean off the coast of Albany where clear, salty waters create a clean, crisp flavour profile unlike anything else.​​

Described as having a flavour reminiscent of abalone, with the brininess and minerality of an oyster, and an underlying sweetness of a scallop, the Akoya is truly unique.

Encased in a stunning pearlescent shell, the Akoya are a delicious sustainably grown choice for both chefs and diners. Widely versatile, they are perfect cured, cooked or raw, they can be complemented by a multitude of other flavours.​

Traditionally grown for pearls, our innovative aquaculture farming practices have allowed us to create an exceptional shellfish product, whose taste is influenced by Albany’s uniquely pristine environment.​

Australia's first certified carbon neutral aquaculture products

In 2020 our aquaculture products were the first in Australia to be certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active - a rigorous Australian Government initiative.

This means we have achieved net zero carbon emissions in the production of our shellfish.