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The pristine waters of the Western Australian coastline are the perfect location for our aquaculture business. 

We are dedicated to supplying the world with the finest sustainably grown shellfish.

Our commitment to sustainability is front and centre in everything we do. Our rigorous and passionate team combine years of hands-on experience with the latest technology to continually innovate our sustainable growing practices.

Working on and off the water, our team ensure that maintaining this focus on a commercial scale protects the marine environments we operate in, while also producing the best quality seafood.

Uniquely West Australian shellfish.​

In the unique waterways around Albany, which have long been a hub for shellfish aquaculture in Western Australia, our team grow the Albany Rock Oysters and Akoya.

The warm waters of the Leeuwin current which flow down and round the Western Australian coastline, help these delicious and sustainably grown shellfish to flourish.

Our practices are designed around sustainable aquaculture, which is a way to create thriving habitats, sequester carbon from the ocean and offer sustainably grown eating choices. Our hands-on model means we actively manage each step of the growing process to provide an unrivalled ‘sea to serve’ experience.

Oyster Harbour, Albany
Locally in

Our focus is first and foremost to support and work with our local communities and nurture the environment in which we operate.

Our products are 100% locally grown. We will continue to engage with our local community, strengthening relationships, consistently re-investing from the ground up to create employment opportunities, innovating current infrastructure and provide education on new aquaculture practices.​

We want our shellfish to be enjoyed locally and globally for generations to come, and aim to grow it in a way that respects the environment and ensures a healthy future.