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Our commitment to excellence extends to every stage of our supply chain.

Our Beef Supply Chain

Harvest Road Group aims to supply Australia's finest sustainable produce globally, with a commitment to excellence at every stage of the supply chain, from conception to consumption.

We strive to positively impact Western Australia's livestock industry by maintaining strong relationships with producers and livestock agents, ensuring consistent quality and quantity. By focusing on genetics, nutrition, and animal husbandry practices, we aim to maximise herd performance and adopt best practice. Harvest Road Group operates across approximately 2.7 million hectares of pristine land, spanning from the east Kimberley to the agricultural region of Western Australia.

Our Koojan Downs Feeding Facility, situated two hours north of Perth, can hold approximately 20,000 SCU (standard cattle units). Our Harvey Processing Facility, located in the southwest of Perth and in operation for over a century, underscores our commitment to animal welfare. We continually align the purpose of our properties with the potential of each region.

Optimizing Western Australia's Abundant Regions

Across the diverse environments and unique climates of Western Australia, our vertically integrated business covers various regions. The journey for most of our northern cattle begins in the Kimberley, harnessing the reliable summer rainfall the Kimberley region has to offer.

Transitioning to the West Pilbara and Gascoyne, we utilise the high value pastures for extensive backgrounding, adapting to seasonal changes.

Flowing south to the agricultural region, Harvest Road Group’s intensive backgrounding operations are performed on a range of improved perennial and annual pastures, complimented with dry land and irrigated fodder crops, with this diversity helping to build a year-round acceptable protein and energy feedbase. Our supply chain is evolving to be finely tuned, with the Koojan Downs Feeding Facility strategically placed near feed sources and transport routes, and the livestock’s journey culminates at the Harvey Processing Facility, close to labour and consumer markets.

Beyond our processing, we continue to engage with WA producers, fostering partnerships to enhance the stewardship and quality of the WA beef industry.

Minderoo, WA
The Role of Integration

Our approach to integration involves delivering two key pillars within our supply chain.


We aim to ensure a consistent and high-quality supply of product, regardless of the challenges posed by seasonal variations and market fluctuations. Our supply chain is demand-driven, meaning it aligns with the requirements of customers and the broader market.


We actively involve and engage producers at every stage of the supply chain, with the goal of enhancing efficiency and creating mutual value for Harvest Road Group and our partners.

Looking ahead, Harvest Road Group is unwavering in its commitment to furthering the Western Australian beef industry. We place a strong emphasis on nurturing relationships with producers and other stakeholders, and our expansion efforts are guided by feedback and market insights.

We invite you to join us on this journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future for Australian agriculture as part of the Harvest Road Group.