Our Brands

Harvey Beef

Harvey Beef is an iconic Western Australian beef brand that has been feeding families for over 100 years.

Our beef is raised in the pristine natural environment of Western Australia. Harvey Beef prides itself on supplying beef with incredible taste and consistency.

Whether it’s a casual afternoon BBQ or a dinner party to impress, Harvey Beef provides a delicious range of premium products that are simple to cook and delicious to eat.

We work with over 1,400 local suppliers across Western Australia who share our commitment to outstanding quality and exceptional taste, from paddock to plate.

Harvey Beef prioritises animal welfare, with practices ensuring all animals in our care are looked after humanely.

Our commitment is to responsibly deliver Western Australia's best beef to the world.

A snapshot of our products
Our retail range includes premium steaks, BBQ favourites such as burgers and sausages, plus a range of easy to cook marinated roasts.
Harvey Beef - Eye Fillet
Harvey Beef - Scotch Fillet
Harvey Beef - Porterhouse
Harvey Beef - Garlic and Rosemary Rump
Harvey Beef - Salt and Pepper Roast
Harvey Beef - Premium Mince
Harvey Beef - Traditional Jerky
Harvey Beef - Pasley & Garlic Meatballs