Animal Welfare

Harvest Road Group is committed to minimising all avoidable pain and fear in our operations, raising the bar and looking for ways to improve.

Our Approach
Ensuring multiple forms of pain relief are used if a surgical procedure is required; Be vulnerable, take risks to trust others.
Low-stress stock handling techniques are applied at every opportunity, to ensure that interactions between people and stock are safe to minimise stress;
Maintaining low stocking density at our Koojan feeding facility, so that all animals have unfettered access to shade, have plenty of space to move around and a carefully formulated feed rations that are adaptable to the requirements of the animals on feed;
A uniquely designed facility at our processing plant that includes sound proofing, elimination of shadows and the smell of hay to relax the cattle as they move through the race.
Animal Welfare Statement

We lead for an environment where all animals have a life well lived and respected.

We strive for the highest standards of animal welfare with an unwavering commitment to eliminating avoidable pain and fear from our operations.

We are committed to the humane treatment of all animals under our care. Our aim is to minimise pain and fear, to maximise positive interactions with people and ultimately provide our animals with a ‘life well lived’. We expect that all animals within our operations are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

We subscribe to the Five Domains Model of Animal Welfare, which strives to ensure that nutritional, environmental, health, behavioural and ultimately the mental needs of an animal are met, giving all animals the opportunity to thrive. We aim to go beyond just minimising negative experiences, rather providing lives and experiences that enrich not only the lives of the animal under our care, but the environments they inhabit.

Our commitment to always do more in regard to animal welfare and environmental sustainability means our customers do not have to compromise their values when they choose a Harvest Road Group product.