Our Brands

West Rivers

West Rivers Wagyu is Harvest Road’s pinnacle beef brand.

Jubilee, WA

Western Australia’s beautiful and unique coastline creates a network of rivers that flow across the state to produce pristine agricultural land.

Our farming footprint is positioned alongside this iconic network of rivers and our premium cattle are the beneficiary of this unique landscape.

Our West Rivers program involves working with a select producer group to raise a small herd of high-quality F1 Wagyu cattle.

Our Wagyu cattle are fed a diet consisting of a specialised mixture of WA grains for more than 250 days. This guarantees the perfect balance of richness and tenderness to provide a first-class eating experience.

We apply MSA grading across the West Rivers product range to ensure quality and consistency, every time.  

The West Rivers product range is available in a range of marble scores for selected specialty food service and retail partners, both domestically and internationally.