Our fully integrated gate to plate business spans Western Australia.

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We source and hand-pick the finest cattle from across Western Australia and use this quality to distinguish our beef brands from the rest.


We act with integrity, always.

We take pride in producing beef that you can feel good about. Our animal welfare, ethical farming practices and local sourcing means we are striving for the maximum standard that is uncompromising.

Our new Koojan Downs feeding facility north of Perth will create an integrated beef supply chain from the north to south west of Western Australia and is based on best-practice ecological planning and animal welfare management.

Our cattle are raised as nature intended, in one of the world’s cleanest environments. We believe this is the way beef should be and through our end-to-end supply chain we are able to uphold this quality – from breeding to farming, feeding and processing.

Western Australian born and bred.

Western Australia is our home. It has been for six generations and will always be as we continue to support our family of farmers. They share our respect for the land, dedication to our animals and a commitment to producing the best quality beef. Given this shared passion, we create opportunities for our community to connect, bringing local Western Australian producers together to ignite innovation, to inspire new ideas and to celebrate their success.


An unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Together, with our farmers, we are working towards a stronger ecosystem, thriving environments and a more sustainable approach to production. Our passion to maintain the highest standards of sustainable and ecological farming means we are continually innovating. We are striving towards something bigger than just minimising our carbon footprint. Looking beyond carbon-neutrality, we are re-defining best practice agriculture – not only for our industry but for our planet.

A vertically integrated gate to plate business.

Our livestock

Our livestock program delivers premium quality beef, ranging from the pristine Kimberley and Pilbara regions to the grass pastures of the south and southwest, our cattle include no added hormones, Angus, organic and grain-finished with MSA programs for both domestic and export markets. The world-class National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) guarantees our supply chain is traceable and we work closely with all our customers, nationally and internationally, to meet their individual requirements and specifications.


Our Harvey processing plant

Our processing plant in Harvey is a highly efficient, large scale facility. With a 700+ team and cutting edge technology, including side rail system, 1,000-tonne frozen storage room and continuous blast freezer, we’re equipped to handle 140,000+ pa volumes.

Our integrated case-ready facility, opened in 2014, is capable of award-winning Darfresh as well as MAP, thermoform and marinated products with high speed verification lines able to create different sizes and formats for domestic and export customers.

Export marketing

Whether you’re in Australia or one of the other 30+ countries we supply, our expert and experienced marketing team will provide you with a bespoke professional service to expedite the journey from our gate to your plate, as efficiently as possible. Not only is all our beef fully export-accredited with a range of national and international licenses but we offer full wrap-round support including operations, logistics and documentation, multi-currency trading options and technical and marketing product information.

Harvey Beef is a member of the Australian Trusted Trader program, which signifies we have been independently assessed and accredited against World Customs Organisation standards.

Food safety

Our processing plant in Harvey operates under establishment number 648 and we supply high quality, sustainable, safe beef to global markets and are fully export-accredited with national and international licenses including: USDA approved, Chinese approved, Halal approved, AMIC Animal Welfare approved, HACCP (SS590), BRC and ISO (9001/22000).

Koojan Downs feeding facility

Our new Koojan Downs feedling facility north of Perth will be on 3751ha and will be designed to supply 60,000, 100-day grain finished cattle each year to Harvest Road’s processing facility.

Ours is one of the world’s most remote and isolated farming regions covering 1.5 million hectares of stations across Western Australia.


Our Beef Brands


Harvey Beef


Ernest Green & Sons