Leeuwin Coast

Seafood that is grown to honour our oceans and the world at large. From our delicate Akoya, a truly hidden gem of the sea, to our luscious Albany Rock Oysters, the taste is unparalleled.

Our local teams have over 100 years of combined experience in the aquaculture and seafood industries. We’re dedicated to supplying the world with finest seafood grown and harvested from the West Australian coast.

Our Akoya.

The Leeuwin Coast Akoya is quite literally a local hidden gem. Its shell has a striking pearlescent lustre and nestled inside is a divine seafood treasure that is sublime whether cooked, cured, or raw. And the taste? Like taking a dip in the Southern Ocean!

Our Akoya are cultivated and harvested from Mistaken Island in Albany. With waters that are among the most pristine in the world, it really is food for the soul.

But don’t just take our word for it: in 2022 our Akoya was recognised with the ‘Outstanding Innovation’ trophy in the delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards, recognised as being the most prestigious food industry awards in Australia.

Our Albany Rock Oysters.

Our luscious Albany Rock Oysters are currently growing across our farms from Albany to Carnarvon, harnessing the pristine waters of the Western Australian coastline. Albany’s flora heavily influences the organic food sources of our rock oysters, giving layers of complexity that are completely unique to southern Western Australia.

Australia’s first certified carbon neutral aquaculture products.

We are the first aquaculture brand in Australia with officially certified carbon neutral aquaculture products as part of our commitment to lowering emissions and protecting and conserving marine ecosystems. This means you can enjoy 100% of the taste with zero guilt.