November 21, 2022

New campaign urges WA hospitality industry to ‘Change Just One Thing’

WA Good Food Guide (WAGFG) and Leeuwin Coast, the seafood brand of Harvest Road Group, have launched an industry-wide campaign encouraging WA chefs to ‘Change Just One Thing’ in their kitchens in a bid to reduce wastage and encourage sustainable practices.

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The campaign, announced at the WAGFG Awards Night at Optus Stadium on November 21, aims to inspire the West Australian hospitality industry to implement measurable, tangible and sustainable practices within their venues and workplaces.

Many hospitality operators report being overwhelmed by the idea of changing multiple practices and processes to be more sustainable. Rather than neglecting to make any impactful changes because of the thought they need to ‘do it all’, the Change Just One Thing campaign educates and empowers operators to choose one change to improve their venue’s sustainability.

In its inaugural year, the campaign has been developed in consultation with industry to determine three key changes deemed easily implemented to improve sustainability practices day-to-day. These are:

  1. Replacing cling wrap with lock and seal containers
  2. Replacing single use wipes with a more sustainable option
  3. Implementing e-water or chemical-free cleaning systems

The campaign will incentivise the uptake of the sustainable practices through key partnerships driven by discounted products and services with hospitality suppliers and distributors such as Hisco, Cambro, Oates and e-Water.

Hon. Reece Whitby MLA Minister for Environment; Climate Action is supporting the campaign.

“I encourage the Western Australian hospitality industry to embrace these changes and switch to environmentally-friendly alternatives. Together we can make a real difference,” Mr Whitby said.

Georgia Moore, Director of WA Good Food Guide, said the core campaign belief is the collective impact of many venues making just one change can have a real consequence on our environment.

“Being surrounded by the world class produce on offer in Western Australia reminds us every day of the importance of implementing sustainable practices across the hospitality industry to ensure we preserve our unique food culture for generations to come,” she said.

Harvest Road Group CEO Paul Slaughter said the campaign was a natural extension of the work Leeuwin Coast is doing to ensure sustainability is core throughout its business.

“Every decision we make every day is viewed with a lens of sustainability to ensure we do business in a way that has a positive impact on the environment, our people and the communities in which we operate. Our commitment in this area is embraced by every team member of Harvest Road Group,” Mr Slaughter said.

WA-born chef Matt Stone, of Restaurants Ciao Mate! and You Beauty said the industry can learn so much from one another.

“Sometimes it just takes someone to point something out. Not necessarily give you the solution, but just to get you to thinking about something more,” he said.

WA-based chef Melissa Palinkas of East Fremantle’s Young George, and Ethos Deli + Dining Room is well known for leading the way with her sustainable practices.

“When I came to opening my own restaurant, and controlling my own story, I really wanted to make a change. I thought a single change could perhaps educate others to follow suit. I’ve witnessed so much waste and unsustainable practices in kitchens I’ve worked in, and restaurants I have dined in,” she said. More information and educational pieces on sustainable practices in hospitality featuring Matt Stone, Melissa Palinkas and other chefs can be found at:

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