August 20, 2021

“It’s time to commit” – A public challenge to JBS from Dr Andrew Forrest AO

Tattarang Chair, Dr Andrew Forrest AO, has challenged JBS – the world’s biggest protein producer – to immediately adopt an uncompromising commitment to No Pain No Fear animal welfare and help raise global protein-production standards.

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Dr Forrest’s challenge to JBS is to commit to the same principles as Tattarang’s agri-food business, Harvest Road, and its beef processing company, Harvey Beef.

“For a small expense and through good management at Harvey Beef, we have established a clear No Pain No Fear framework in the critical stages of cattle processing as part of our ambition to exceed animal welfare standards and create a path for others to follow,” Dr Forrest said.

“This means our customers don’t have to compromise their values when they choose to buy our products.

“Animals provide humans with a valuable source of protein, the least we can do is respect this by ensuring they are treated with the utmost care.

“As the world’s biggest protein producer, JBS can rise to this same standard.

“I am committed to leading our industry in the right direction towards No Pain No Fear as the minimum standard. We know this isn’t an easy road, and our work is certainly not finished.

“But some in our industry haven’t even started this journey.

“My message to these massive protein producers is clear: stop the talk and show us your actions, your animals deserve better and your customers expect more. I challenge JBS to join me on this journey.

“We need to see more than just words from you, we need to see immediate action.”

Harvest Road’s vision is to be a world leading food company, recognised globally for its leadership and contribution in No Pain No Fear and environmental sustainability.

To read about Harvest Road’s commitment, view our No Pain No Fear and environmental sustainability page.

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